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Guess the location?  Answer comes at the end of the post.

Janice Ann Reinauer, about to leave aboard Blue Marlin for foreign waters via the sixth boro and all the places it leads to, once graced our fine harbor with this lush pudding.  JAR,I will miss you.  Foto below was taken in September 2007, at the Tugboat race.

Notice the blank oval . . . is this the result of summer paint maintenance . . . or something more?

Talking summer maintenance, crew of Margaret Moran was grinding away at rust the other day.

Maintenance keeps these boats going and going . . .

What you see here today, you might see in a port faraway the next.  Here’s Megan McAllister in Port Jefferson.  Foto by Capt. G Justin Zizes, Jr.  Is that really a gangplank leading from the dock to the starboard portion of the bow?

Brendan Turecamo escorts in Houma Belle.  It looks like Lincoln Sea in the distance toward the Brooklyn shore.   Foto thanks to John Watson.

Before I tell the location of this tugboat, here’s a clue . . if you can read it:  Ηράκλειο.  So it the logo and name on the vessel in the background.

And the answer is Iraklion, Crete.  Minotaurus comes thanks to my sister, Cookie Baker.    You’d think with a name like this, the tug owner would take a lesson in accoutrements from the good folk on Brangus.

All other fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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