(Unrelated:  If you are in or near NYC tomorrow, come to the “Save Our Seaport” rally at South Street to make a loud noise.)  I will be there.

It has NOT rained non-stop the past week, but enough rain and cloud have visited us that  . . . if today continues as glorious as it has started, the predictions will be correct:  I might just feel rapturous.  (Doubleclick enlarges.)  If you’re not in this drenched zone, here’s the sodden seaside you’ve missed.  Brendan Turecamo escorts in East Point with Lois Ann L. Moran and Turecamo Girls in the background.

Maryland in foreground with a very moody Manhattan and Jersey City  in the distance.

Pati R. Moran,

Lee T., and Thomas Witte (?)

all get unimpeded deckwashes.  Crew on Mare di Venezia might think this standard sixth boro seasoning.

When for minutes at a time, the rain stops, otherworldly scenes emerge, like VCB‘s decorated rowing gig Bird (more on this later)  in the foreground and Danish schooner Opal in the background.

But then the rain starts up again . . .  yet traffic ebbs and flows, like here Horizon Traderin the distance and Resolute escorting in Hyundai Integral closer by, and still later, as I shot from under a pedestrian bridge,

Sandmaster (ex-Ben Candies) enters the harbor with so-called Blue Marlin in the background.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who feels thoroughly rain-anointed and is astonished that his camera still works.