Here’s a bit more context.  The sun shone for only a few minutes this morning, and after that drizzle was steady, and distance was far, so your imagination may be called upon.    Blue Marlin is orange and

–uh–colossal, elephantine.  If any vessel should be called a whale, this is it.  And maybe the Reinauer tugs (Monarch, Curtis, Janice Ann !!, John, Dean [scroll thru each to find it]  and seven barges)  could be renamed for the transit as

Jonah 1, Jonah 2, etc. . . especially as they might be passing through a rapturous sea, if the folks in Times Square are correct.  Nevertheless, with Twin Tube’s help, provisions are laid on, and all manner

of prep goes on.

Welding and movement

get the vessel ready for loading on  . . .

Monday?  Is there a spectator boat to get just a bit closer?  I’d love to know.  All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Updates soon.  If anyone gets closer-up pics and wants to share, email me.