Julia approaches Nanticoke from the stern and

transfers a visitor.  (Doubleclick enlarges.)

Anthony L. shuttles

dock lines

to the bollard.

Note the man in the blue shirt under and awning just above the afterdeck of Resolute; he’s

squeezing–with yards to spare– into the least-likely marina space in the sixth boro.

Not so able to squeeze into places or remain incognito, it ‘s Eos!!!

And Eos shared the Sunday morning harbor with this vessel, Aviva.    Foto by Birk Thomas.  Identification by Vladimir Brezina.

Meanwhile, some odds and ends.  Amazon, depicted here last fall, has mere days left at Mystic Seaport.  See her while you can.

And, thanks to Soni Biehl of greater Eastport, Maine, here’s a great 10-minute video followup on the pregnant cows in CATS post I put up five (!) months ago already here.

Finally, here’s info on the “Save our Seaport“meeting tomorrow night in near South Street.

All fotos except Birk’s by Will Van Dorp.