I must be the last to join in tribute to our mothers, since that day was yesterday.  An important gift of mothers is that they feed us . . . milk and bread and  . . . broccoli.  But it’s true that we do not live by milk and bread  . . .  alone.  Everyone has stories about nurturing experiences mothers and everyone and everything else that provides nurture.  And  yesterday was that kind of day . . . a day to observe mother nature and feel –well–fostered.  Harbor II (1947, ex-Chas R Moore) in Erie Basin  before 7 a.m.

Anthony Miller, assisting Caribbean Princess as a goby would a grouper.

The Princess as well as  (near to far) Sassafras with DoubleSkin 303, Timothy L Reinauer with RTC 84, and Freedom Service with Energy 11105.

Small fishing boat with Sunny Williams with Anette  Theresa.

Small fishing boat with the KV buoy.

Cape Tilapia Talara,  named for a point in northern Peru, and a boom boat, preparing the tanker for departure.  .

Resolute, beginning Cape Talara‘s rotation (U-turn) in the KVK so that it’s reoriented from west to east . .  .

and nearing the end-of-rotation.

Oh the stories, all based on observation of mother water . . .  who with mother earth constitute mother nature.  Birk Thomas (center) telling some of those stories . . .  within the context of the sit-down portion of a Jane Jacobs walk  (ours in almost dead last scrolling thru).

Thanks, mom and moms.  All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Meanwhile click here for SaveourSeaport and here for a tugster-take on the situation before MayDay: Ex-Port 2 and Ex-Port 1.  Please write letters and (if you’re near here and free) try to get to the meeting.  alas . .  I’ll be at work.