Mystery gets revealed at the end of this post.  The question is:  which vessel carries this engine?  A clue is that this vessel has appeared here numerous times.  Some quasi-related posts are here, here, and here.    A question is  . .  . how rare might this engine be?

View of the two Kohler auxiliary engines along the port side of the vessel.

Forward portion of main engine looking aft .  . .

View aft along the starboard side.

Important cue:  the date stamped on this support for the H-bitt appears to say 1898, which means this H-bitt possibly served on another vessel before the current one.

Top-down view of controls on starboard side of wheelhouse.

Side view of these same controls.   Have you by now guessed the identity of the vessel with this E-6 Kahlenberg engine?  At 73′ x 18′ . ..   and 99 years old, it’s the vessel currently called

Grouper!!  Click here and read all the 62 comments made on one single post.    Add more if you wish.

More on old Kahlenberg engines might be located here.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who is elated that Grouper has been set into better waters thanks to E-Bay!!  Thanks to Alen and Angela for inviting me in to see Grouper even before the clean-up process begins.  May Day was no May Day or CQD for this vessel.