Doubleclick enlarges.  Calusa Sea Coast (1978) pushing Sugar Express comes thanks to Dan Blumenthal, who recently sent along the shot of Stad Amsterdam‘s golden masts and ivory sails here.  Thanks, anon., for the correction.

Miss Gill (1970) and Taurus (1979) pass Jag Aparna (2009), as does

McCormack Boys (1982).

And Captain Zeke  (1980).

Maria J (1971)  arrives from the east.

Christine M. McAllister (1975) pushes RTC 502.

Dann Ocean’s Neptune (1992) and

Ocean Tower (1978) have passed through recently.

But none catches my fancy as much as does Calusa Coast and Sugar Express.  Does raw sugar smell sweet if you lean over the edge of the hatch and inhale deeply?

Thanks again to Dan Blumenthal for fotos of Calusa Coast and Sugar Express;  all others by Will Van Dorp.

Average age of these boats is . . . almost 33 years old.