All fotos today come compliments of John van der Doe, who resides north of the border.     John’s set, all taken over a three-hour period this past Saturday (4/9)  seem to flow naturally from the Hornbeck post I did almost two years ago here.  If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recognize that Eagle Service was the tug involved in a bump in Hell Gate less than a month ago.  John’s  fotos answer some questions:  where are vessels of all sorts coming from as they traverse the sixth boro?  Where are they headed?  Any guesses where John took these fotos?

Here’s a clue.

He caught them upbound on the Welland Canal; upbound meaning heading from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie.

And if that weren’t enough, midafternoon brought on

Huron Service.

Makes me wonder about things like final destination,  length of hitch here, other economics of  such a trip . . . .

Thanks very much to John van der Doe for these fotos.