Bernie sent me this foto about two years ago.  I loved it.  I’d asked permission to use different of his fotos before–and he always said yes.   For this foto, I never asked.   I just looked at it regularly, admiring it.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind my using his foto today in his memory.  May he live on in his work.

Bernie lived near and advocated for a rebirth of Newtown Creek;  some friends went there yesterday to … remember him and to carry on.  Here some white flowers float on the Creek as if they were on fine black marble.

Bernie was an inspiration

to me and

other folks.  Enjoy these google images of Newtown Creek.

Each of the following tugster posts have at least one foto contributed by Bernie:  December 12, 2009; September 9, 2009; September 21, 2008;  August 15, 2008;

Bernie . . . we carry on.