This vessel might be known as Jakobson Shipyard Hull # 406, launched January 1962 (foto taken in April 2011).

And this might be referred to as SSBN-738, launched August 1991 in Groton, CT just across the Sound from where Jakobson’s was.  And of course the one has nothing to do with the other.  Also, you may know the gentleman in the brown jacket, standing rightmost foreward of the sail.

Hull #406 is also known as Maryland, and

SSBN-738  goes by USS Maryland.    Edison Chouest Offshore (Alpha Marine Services)  has the most interesting tugs.

The comparison between a tugboat and a sub is of course absurd but offered here for fun:

Tug:  loa 94′,   horsepower about 3000, twin screw, crew size around 6.  no armaments.  hitch . . . two weeks on.  nicknames unknown.  habitat:  East coast USA, often seen in the sixth boro.

Sub:  loa 560′,   horsepower about 60,000, single screw, crew size over 150.  note the machine gun but out of sight are an unspecified number of Mk-48 torpedoes and 24 Trident II ballistic missiles.  hitch:  70 days on.   nickname:  Fighting Mary.  habitat:  worldwide but is believed to have never entered the sixth boro.

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Again, if you know the gentleman in the brown jacket, tell him thanks for passing these fotos along.

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