Doubleclick enlarges most fotos.  From a distance, I knew the profile was unfamiliar.  Note Neptune‘s  outside controls on either

side of the house.

Laura K Moran, seen here dozen of times, assists Athens Star into the pier.

Consort delivers


Maryland heads westbound into the KVK.

Christian Reinauer sidles up to

RTC 145.

CMA CGM White Shark inbound for Newark Bay passes Seaborn and gets

escorted in by Gramma Lee T Moran.

Speaking of escorts, here tug by that name heads for sea and for more coal.

Not an impressive foto, but I’ve not previously seen ATB Corpus Christi, here with PetroChem Supplier.

All fotos today by Will Van Dorp.

No news on the Colvin schooner ashore on Fire Island, although plans are converging to attempt getting her off.