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ok . . . am going to withdraw the “tugster” filter on content and show some Vieques scenes, like the beach along the Esperanza “malecon” aka “boardwalk” at

sunset, looking toward Monte Pirata, westward.

oceanside view of Cayo Afuerte, off the Esperanza Playa

somewhere along the southern coast where hundreds of eggs from leatherbacks, hawksbill, and green turtles await the full moon while vulnerable to predators of both the mongoose and featherless biped variety.

inland night spot.  note the hanging pans and pots in the window behind the greenery.

munitions bunkers on the west side of the island . . . dozens of clusters like this along labyrinthine roads

serve as storage and hurricane shelters today.  this one was open . . . tugster shows scale.  Note the clutch of fruit bats (black spot) hanging above my left tide to the ceiling.

huge buttress roots on this ancient ceiba tree, said to have greeted

Columbus when he arrived.  Note the scale.

view of BioBay from Monte Santo.  Note Cayos de Tierra and Afuera marking Playa Esperanza.  Swimming at night in BoBay is like swimming in salty green fire.

stilt coming in to land in freshwater pond near the hydroponic project.  i loved the hummingbirds but got no fotos.

inland from Sun Bay.  clearly some water change happened here.  lots of wading herons and egrets in the salt pan.

nature reclaims all, including this 1950s Buick (?) along the road  where

free-range but branded horses roam at will

Most fotos by Will Van Dorp.  The ones where tugster plays “scale talent” taken by Jim Hackett.  Hope that’s spelled right, Jim.

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