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Call this . . . .  waters around Vieques.   Here’s a map.

Punta Mula Light, overlooking Isabel Segunda harbor and the ferry docks.  The harbor is named for Spain’s only female monarch, to date.

fish pier next to the ferry dock

in the waterway between Isabel Segunda and the “mainland” of PR, the cargo ferry Islena .  Of course, I tried to cross on it but was denied.  Vieques’ second town of Esperanza, as seen from one of the peaks (not Monte Pirata)  at the western end of the island, here looking east.  The ilsands from near to far are Cayo de Afuera and Cayo de Tierra.

an unidentified two-masted schooner heads east from Esperanza Wednesday morning seen off Cayo de Tierra

long pier built by the Navy at Rompeolas, on the northwest side of the island looking towards Ceiba

fishing boat anchored off  Rompeola pier looks like it has some Maine influences

more fishing boats off Playa Esperanzaunidentified victim of a hurricane past lies on the west side of Cayo Afuera

Thursday afternoon brought a schooner-rigged catamaran into Esperanza harbor.  Vessel named Heron is

Boothbay, Maine.

Excuse any errors.  Have to post before I lose signal again.  All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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