In the sixth boro Queens come and go, shipping and schlepping all sorts of cargo.

Here Miriam Moran and

Kimberly Turecamo escort

a Queen from Claremont Terminal to Port Newark.

This Queen carries bulk,

probably scrap metal, and hails from Viet Nam.

As she turns into the KVK, Tai Bai Hai, a very rusty bulker from Tianjian, China, escorted by Ron G and Resolute slips astern.

And still farther along, Vinalines Queen streams past GLDD dredge Florida.

The last three fotos comes compliments of John Watson;  all others by Will Van Dorp.

By the way, Alice is said to have slipped into Brooklyn last night, Mardi Gras, under cover of darkness, but I have had no visual contact.