Here was Pairs 3, a series I decided to revive when I saw this rough if felicitous pairing of hormone-intoxicated geese one springy morning last weekend.

A pair of eagles atop two Dalzell boats.  More Dalzell boats can be found in video #8 here, thanks to Bellboatbob.

A pair of Moran tugs  (James Turecamo and Jean Turecamo) help River Elegance do circles off the Statue of Liberty.

A pair of Weeks tugs (Robert and Kathleen) move Weeks Crane 533 eastbound out of the KVK.

Amy C and Charles D McAllister head back to the yard after a shift.

Susquehanna and Quantico Creek partner Doubleskin 59 into a dock.

Brendan J and Rhea I Bouchard do the same with B. No. 215.

Ah!  springtime seems to compel pairing.  Merry Mardi Gras!

All fotos except number 2 by Will Van Dorp.  Special thanks to Allen Baker and Bob McLaren for the Dalzell foto.