My first Landmarks post looked like this.  In the past  year the skyline has acquired a new detail, 1 WTC, long-awaited and even the subject of the Port Authority’s own 1 WTC website, which solicits your fotos, snapshots-in-time of the construction.    Call this set . . . juxtaposed shipping and skyline building.

Here the cranes seem to be additional gear atop Houma‘s wheelhouse.

River Elegance, standing in here for all the shipping that moves through our port, was running circles in the Upper Bay, escorted by Jean Turecamo and (over on the starboard side) James Turecamo.

Ross Sea (ex-Normandy) light, and

with DBL 22 on the hip.


Sunny Williams.  I haven’t seen Rolf in ages.

Greenland Sea.

HanJin Valencia . . . and more international container traffic passing within view of 1 WTC.

Jennifer Turecamo Turecamo Girls paces,  waiting to give its next nudge.  (eastriver . . . thanks for the correction.)

All these fotos show traffic passing within view of 1 WTC in March 2011.  I can’t exactly imagine what the building will look like in March 2012.    I think creating this visual record as witnessed from the sixth boro is important.  If you agree, consider uploading your fotos here at the PANYNJ site.  Or send them to tugster to complement what I’ll do for the foreseeable future.