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Two weeks ago I did a “leaving Bayonne” post.  Here’s the other shoe.  In the two-week interval, maybe a dozen vessels have come and gone.

Sparse text today:  8:50 am . . . two lineboats and crews race eastward from IMTT.

9:02 .  . . two McAllister tugs with a tanker round the bend near the entrance of the KVK, about a mile east of the “office” where I am.

9:09. . . .  and it looks like Evrotas is coming no farther west.

9:21   . . .  Amy C McAllister moves the bow towards the dock, as

Marjorie B McAllister nudges in the stern.

9:46 . . .  a lineboat moves in

9:49:38  .  . to receive dock lines.


9:50:22.  Line has been received, and is being made fast and the

9:50:46 . . . and gets moved toward to shoreside bollard.

9:50:46.  Ditto, sternlines.  Note the terminal service truck arrives.

9:51:27 Shore crew prepares to

9:52:03   . . .  receive and make fast the stern lines.

9:52:31 . . .  all fast and lineboats do a celebratory dance, then depart.

9:54:51 . . .  Marjorie B. is relieved, while

9:57:40  . . . up forward Amy C begins to move off as well.

10:02:47 . . .  the last line comes off, and

10:0308    . . .  as  Amy C slides astern as deckhand tidies up docking lines.

At least that’s how I interpret it, as the photographer, Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated from the NYTimes . . . “Suddenly a rise in piracy’s price,” and be sure to see the graphic.  Kennebec Captain and Hawsepiper have notable thoughts from mariners’ points of view.

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