Tomorrow or later today I’ll explain my fotos at the top of the Flickr gallery lower left.  Meanwhile, thanks much to Kate and Dock Shuter for these fotos from the Rhinecliff side of the Hudson taken eight days ago.   From near to far in this foto:  ice sailor on skis, his kite propulsion, Kimberly Poling, and the Rondout Light.

Here crews up-rig/tweak their  ice yachts at day’s start.   For more on these vintage boats, see tugster posts from Feb 7, Feb 8, and Feb 9 2010 taken a few miles north of Rhinecliff.    Note the unidentified (and from an iceboater’s POV) “dreaded” USCG icebreaker in the distance.

Race time!

Note the portside runner hiked off the ice in a blustery turn.

Iceboat pics from Feb 20 in the next post.    As I said, see previews in Flickr gallery to the left.  Click here for the info clearing house for ice boating in the Hudson Valley, site maintained by webmaster . . .  the ever-gracious John Sperr.   Be careful . . . there are enough links to fascinating stories at the HYIRC site to engage you all day.

All fotos above from Kate and Dock Shuter.  Thanks much.  Their fotos have appeared here (Clearwater) and here (departure of the Dutch sailing barges) previously.

Thanks to all for your kind words related to the NYTimes article.