What does 63 degrees in February look like?   After a snowy and cold stretch since late December as documented here . . . and a gusty November here, the harbor exudes an otherworldly moodiness as Charles D. McAllister moves a car float into the rail dock over by BAT.    Doubleclick enlarges most fotos.

Foto taken from the fishing pier in Owls Head.

Fisherman and crabbers in the Bay –come sunshine or sleet–can take off some layers and roll up their sleeves.  Note Pier 6 in the background, and appearance  of Staten Island as a Downeast maritimes village.

Likewise, crews on service boats in the harbor, like Becky Ann here southbound on the Arthur Kill and passing Howland Hook, have an easier time than a week or so back.

Vega Nikolas, here south bound past Hoffman Island meets

more fishing vessels and Ludwigshafen Express, itself on its way into MOT Bayonne.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp lst Thursday and Friday, who’s elated that another six weeks might bring scenes like these, if Chuck can be believed.