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Other than the anchor chain scars, what struck me about this vessel was the apparent lack of a bulbous bow and the long straight lines of depth marks:  red coating changes to blue at 47.’   Any idea on cargo?

If that’s graffitti around the  plimsoll marks, then this is the first time I ever noticed it on a commercial vessel in the sixth boro.  Work boats are remarkably free of the paint pirates that mark land structures like rail stock and all manner of non-moving walls.

Vessel so-marked was MTM Westport (ex-Chemical Venture and Chemstar Eagle).  She does look “MT” and riding high (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). Launched in 2000, she is listed as having a Burmese and Russian crew, and in this foto from almost a year ago, that mark is already present.    Alexa J crabs away.

Sorry for the fuzzy foto, but this vessel’s intriguing name compels me:  Sextans, ex-Overseas Sextans.  I am curious.  I imagine . . . let me see . .  there are farmers tans, bathing suit tans, etc.  Or let’s compare Teva tans and then sex tans.  Or maybe, maybe the painting of the attempted name “Six Tens” was performed by students of the type Richard Lederer mentions who think “Abraham Lincoln became America’s greatest Precedent. Lincoln’s mother died in infancy, and he was born in a log cabin which he built with his own hands.”  Many more such bloopers here.

Another shot of Ipanema leaving the sixth boro on Saturday morning.   Homer uses the phrase “wine-dark sea” repeatedly in the Iliad and Odyssey, but here, I see an unmistakeable lager-bright dawn.

Enjoy a piece of “my”  MOL Partner.

Have you figured out the cargo in Irida, the vessel in the top foto above?

Salt.  Oh, and the name of the vessel  . . .  it’s a translation of the word for my favorite blue flower of the lowlands . . .

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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