Without even considering the upper house, I suspect the pins and “cheeks” of  Norwegian Sea. . . modify  the appearance of the vessel  christened as Leopardo Grande in 1976.

Morning sun gives glow to hull  of Cape Bird, named for geography in Antarctica, itself named for a crewman aboard a polar exploration vessel named Erebus.

Orange Sun . . . breezes past Fort Wadsworth side of the VZ Bridge and over the horizon in less than an hour, but thanks to SteveW for recalling an incident with the orange juice  tanker just over three years ago here.

Miss Gill, launched 1970 and relaunched 2008, (I’m curious about her namesake) is top horsepower boat for Norfolk Tugs.

Stern portion of the barge (name?) towed through the sixth boro Sunday by Navigator.

Conrad S and Norwegian Sea pass near Snug Harbor.

Serendipitous gull along with unique upper house structures of Paul T. Moran and tanker Butterfly in Gravesend Bay.  I embedded a link to the wrong vessel Butterfly here.

Evening Mist has turned to morning frost!

Jennifer Turecamo with dry bulk barge Adelaide . . .  carrying heavy dry stuff since 1963!

Now I’m stretching the title, but this is the closest up I could zoom as WMEC-615 Reliance passes West Bank Light and approaches the Narrows at this moment, and moments before . .  this

was my first glimpse as Reliance passed between Butterfly and APL Sardonyx.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.