Bergen Point marks a serious bend–just west of the Bayonne Bridge–from the KVK into the major ports area on Newark Bay.  Richard took fotos of a vessel making that “hard right” here.  In the foto below, notice the crewman behind the bulwark just above the “DY” of Ever Dynamic.

Once past a critical point, Laura K Moran drops back to power

the rotation.  Starboard full, I imagine someone say, and over three football fields of steel with cargo packed in ever so efficiently dances to the right.

Under the Bridge and into Newark Bay is not the easiest entry, Laura K and

Margaret Moran have

their work cut out, and as I write this, 48 hours after the fotos were taken, the heavily scheduled Ever Dynamic has

already exited the sith boro, traveled south, and by now has been assisted into the dock in Norfolk.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.