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Winston Churchill said:  “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  I’ll add .  .  . doesn’t matter where you go, just gogogo, hither and yon, yon and hither.

Bowsprite and I did not collaborate on this . . . or even confer in any way.  I’m delighted by our different takes on the same scene.

In less than a mile of navigable water between Vane Brothers’ Elk River and the Staten Island shore in the distance, a lot can go on.  Elk River and DoubleSkin 37 lighter Cape Bird from the portside while Barbara C (not sure the barge) does starboard.  Then Eagle Service–just off Blue Sapphire with barge Energy 13502 heads north and beyond them, APL Sardonyx heads for sea.    Whatever lies or moves west of Sardonyx, I can’t tell.

A short time earlier, GT’s Navigator with barge on the wire . . .  meant only one thing .  . .

more mystery parts bound between Narragansett Bay and the Chesapeake.  This isn’t a part of a Cadillac, but my immediate thought seeing these barges is this song by Johnny Cash.  Michelle Shocked’s version, my favorite, I can’t find.

Sheer beauty and joy came next . . . Orange Sun, headed back to the equator for another load of that ambrosia from Brasil.

Adding to the traffic described earlier . . . way over on the Staten Island side Galahad moves in to drop the hook, while nearer, Energy 13502 slips past Cape Bird and DoubleSkin 37.

A fairly new Desh Mahima lies at anchor while (also fairly new)  Firefighter 2 waits at HomePort.

Doubleclick enlarges ost fotos;  try it here to see a crewman from Blue Sapphire taking a brush to the Plimsoll marks?

Outside the Narows, Paul T Moran lighters off Butterfly.

APL Sardonyx heads for sea (interestingly . . . for Antwerp, just as Bowsprite’s Barrington Island is!!) while Torm Lene gets escorted in the Arthur Kill by Gramma Lee T Moran.

Homeported in Kittery, Maine . . .  WMEC-615 Reliance slips in past Fort Wadsworth.  Can you see over a dozen people on her decks? And what does the EO or ED just below the wheelhouse mean?

Temperatures pushed 40 today, and it was a joy to walk the Bay Ridge Shore.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Bergen Point marks a serious bend–just west of the Bayonne Bridge–from the KVK into the major ports area on Newark Bay.  Richard took fotos of a vessel making that “hard right” here.  In the foto below, notice the crewman behind the bulwark just above the “DY” of Ever Dynamic.

Once past a critical point, Laura K Moran drops back to power

the rotation.  Starboard full, I imagine someone say, and over three football fields of steel with cargo packed in ever so efficiently dances to the right.

Under the Bridge and into Newark Bay is not the easiest entry, Laura K and

Margaret Moran have

their work cut out, and as I write this, 48 hours after the fotos were taken, the heavily scheduled Ever Dynamic has

already exited the sith boro, traveled south, and by now has been assisted into the dock in Norfolk.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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