Cheek to cheek . . .  imagine the force.  Imagine the damage if this were steel on steel.  But puddings of various sorts and fenders on different designs provide cushioning.   Anyone identify the tugboat on the starboard bow here?

Crystal Cutler has stern fenders,

Scotty Sky sometimes has a bow pudding that reminds me of a sacrificial animal,

John P. Brown recycles a lot of tires, and

the barge carrying Weeks 533 has

an entire fleet’s worth of tires as it gets moved by  Susan Miller above and Freddie K. Miller below.

Miriam Moran sports a unique combination of fiber and rubber.

Joan Moran’s configuration offer protection inside the notch of a barge.

Currently the classiest bow pudding in the harbor . . . it’s on Pegasus.

And that mystery tug in the top foto, Margaret Moran.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.