Would  “teal” be the best word to describe this green?  Crystal Cutler and barge Patricia E. Poling have been in the harbor less than six months;  if I round off her time here to the nearest year, her age is zero.   Fleetmate tanker Kristin Poling‘s age is 77 years!    Only recently was Coral Queen, an even older member of the fleet, morphed into metal heaven.

Rafted up here is the other Poling & Cutler tug, Kimberly Poling.

Kimberly Poling is about 16 years old.

Here Dann Ocean’s Comet moves Eva Leigh Cutler past Kimberly Poling and  Crystal Cutler.

Teal or jade . . . I do like this color.  And for more delightful colors, check out bowsprite’s latest hues.  The first tug . . . hmmm, what company is running the avocado fleet?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  Morphed into the universe . . .  Poppa Neutrino aka David Pearlman, at age 77.  Here’s some info on one of his vessels.