That milk campaign started almost two decades ago.   No one can dispute its success, I suppose, in selling milk, but I always thought the text should have read “Got napkin?” or “Got  a clean part of sleeve?”

The slogan came to mind yesterday:  I was hanging out along the KVK, teeth chattering as barometer of approaching hypothermia, having fun, and seeing snow and ice in unusual places.  So, maybe I can correct what I always imagined to be the flaw of the milk ads . . .  Like, the crew of Morgan Reinauer asking . . . “got a snow brush?”

Crewman on Taurus . . .”Got some

warm dry gloves?”

Janice Ann Reinauer herself, “Got my old bow pudding?”

Crew of Katherine Walker, “Got the GPS coordinates?”

Ruth M. Reinauer, “Got a warm notch somewhere, maybe RTC 102?”

Morton S. Bouchard Jr., “Got a berth close by where I can dock this?

Irish Sea, “Got a snow scraper?”

Kimberly Poling, “Got some

warmer ports to deliver to?”

And, I swear, in an Australian-English accent, this pigeon said, “Got some food and hot coffee, or do I need to land on the deck of Piltene out there?”

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who wonders how many days until he gets to walk around without a coat again.

Cold, though it’s all relative.  On the coldest day so far in the sixth boro it’s glided to a balmy 16 F;  thermometer in Barrow dropped to -38; International Falls, MN -34; Mount Washington Summit, NH -10; Montreal, Massena, and Toronto, -4; Rondout Creek, 0.

For the most-ice-encrusted award, check these fotos from tugster, April 2, 2008, with fotos taken in Boston February 2007.  Can anyone out-encrust this encrustedness?