You can’t hang around the water much and not see birds, and some populations that migrate in and out with the season.  I was snapping a foto in the distance when I heard the telltale sound of my favorite paparazza, catching me in flagrante delicto.

But please, I said, I just wanted a foto of Lyman (I think), which seems to be pursued by a marine Quonset hut.  And no, I was not feeding the birds.  Ever wonder why so many gulls have black-tipped wings?  Read the native  myth of a conflict between Raven and Gulls here… scroll through a bit.

What is the life span of a gull?

Are gulls male and female easily distinguishable?  Answers here.

This merganser came up empty billed, and

flew away.

I don’t feed these either, but someone must.  I parked and immediately a passenger boarded as I went to see the Princess,

Princess K, that is.  I don’t recall seeing many cranes of this design.

A year ago I posted frontal and profile views of the old Nautico restaurant in Seaford, Delaware;  this time I checked out the stern.  And if there were ever osprey in that nest atop the mast,

the osprey were nowhere around earlier this month when a pigeon conference took place.

And I’ve yet to get the smell of vulture breath out of my imagination.  I took this foto in Georgia, but I see turkey vultures sometimes glide over the KVK, but

prefer to admire them from a distance.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, except that first one.