It surprises me that I haven’t used this title again in over three years.  No matter, over between Cape Henry and the CBBT, ships always seem to cluster, here viewed from a “cliff” in Virginia Beach.  While they anchor here, morning light bathes them for a brief magical spell, as here with Grand Diva at 7:20.

or Myra, pilotboat Old Dominion, and more distant vessels at 7:23.  They wait like huge predator fish for whatever avoids the weir closer inshore.

Here’s the paint splashed on Bulk Japan and other vessels a few seconds later.

But after 8:00, the color is gone, yet Old Dominion continues its shuttle for vessels not at anchor–inbound or out, like

Ever Radiant.

Liberty Island also works in between the anchored fleet, which

After 10, the  colors are still as washed out as they will remain until late afternoon, by which time

I had already gotten to the head of the Bay.

The last of the “road fotos” tomorrow.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.