This post is dedicated to one of my most devoted readers/commenters.  It’s you, Mage!

Actually, this is what 3000 people stuck in traffic looks like.  Carnival Fantasy was scheduled to sail at 4 pm New Years Day, but two incoming vessels had priority.  Here was 4:18.  Note the red flag hanging from the bow.



5:31 and some dolphins had just glided by.



6:02, and when the shore crew slipped the line over the bollard, passengers cheered from the upper deck.  Thrusters move it laterally, Bahamas bound.

6:09.  Notice the car carrier Hoegh Brasilia that has assumed a place directly astern of Fantasy at the Union Pier Terminal.

6:12.  Notice the tug (Ann Moran?) assisting Brasilia.

6:15.  Fantasy in reverse.

6:19.  I imagine the lines of the Ravenel Bridge as masts and sails.  Well, if I squint, of course.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who will post more “road fotos” tomorrow.