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Guest fotographer #1 here is John Watson.  He caught this foto of Orange Sun with my favorite cargo last week, less than an hour before I stopped by the Kills; Laura K provides the assist.  Some previous orange juice vessels have appeared here and here.    And here’s my first, Orange Star.

John has been shooting sixth boro ships much longer than I have, and I look

forward to more collaboration with him soon.  Above bulker is Tai Bai Hai . . . and below is GencoSuccess.

Richard Wonder sent along the fotos of YM Efficiency from the Bayonne Bridge last week.  Here he takes a turn at

MOL Paramount, getting a turn around Bergen Point with

assist from Responder and Ellen, who’ve

appeared here countless times.  That’s Port Elizabeth in the background.  Click here for a foto of MOL Paramount mounted high and dry in a floating drydock.

John and Richard . . . thanks much.

Check out this eBay ad for Q. A. Gillmore, a 1913 tug with functioning steam engine power.  I’m NOT going to bid although I might be interested in partnering.  The clock is ticking.

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