It sounds like the green stuff some bunnies and humans like to nibble on.  It can be organic when it relates to crystals, but not much more.  No, EO’s Yeoman Brook is not a snow-making operation at Staten Island’s most frequented ski slope.  And yes, that four-bladed clover is the most organic shape here besides the white dunes.

Here’s a veritable lattice garden.  That’s drill vessel Apache approaching, an unidentified Moran tug over by the bridge.  No, that’s probably not a moveable bridge (Sorry, Brian) or a removable bridge.  In silly conversation recently, a friend and I concluded we preferred removable  britches  to removable bridges.

Railings galore and flat plating.

Racks and railings and vessels and arms . . .  straight lines encasing a very few curves.  What you’re looking at here is a Reinauer barge foreground with a chemical tanker beside the hose rack.

More of same on CSCL Sydney.  Note the focus on the face of the man in the middle window.

Parting shot for now . . . Emily Cheramie, Apache, Yeoman Brook.  Other shapes soon, more organic ones . . .  less lattice and more . . . tomato.

A silly post with fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Click here and scroll through for a several years old article about drillship Apache in New York harbor.