The Bayonne Bridge has stood astride this blog from Post #1, and yet, I’ve never slung my lenses over its walkway.  Truth be told, I rarely view  the sixth boro FROM the Bridge;  instead the Bridge frames my view . .  . . fills background.  Richard Wonder–who previously submitted this wonderful shot of John B. Caddell almost four years ago–has convinced me with this next stunning series of shots that views from that bridge must lie in my future.

Yang Ming Efficiency slides inbound.  Might that be Ellen port (along) side?

I’m wondering what the large “granular” load is in the open-top containers. . . . castings?

Heading toward Shooter’s Island, Efficiency begins a rotation to starboard.  That’s either Charles D. or McAllister Responder between Efficiency and Shooter’s.

To execute the turn, Margaret Moran plays stern thruster with all

its might.

All fotos by Richard Wonder.  Thank!!

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