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The vessel is Tor Viking II, I didn’t take the foto,  and it’s nowhere near the sixth boro.  Nor is it near Vancouver BC or the United Arab Emirates, although it’s linked to both those places.   Have you seen or heard of Tor Viking II?

Tor Viking II is one of two tugs currently towing bulk carrier Golden Seas with its 60,000 tons of rapeseed for making canola oil in the Emirates.  Robert of Oil-Electric tells a thorough story about the distressed bulk carrier that may (by now) have arrived in Dutch Harbor.  You may recall Robert’s report on Deepwater from May 2010.  You’ll also find out what a “canola plant” looks like.

The foto below shows old-style 1941 coastal oil ship and a 2006 ice-strengthened Aframax tanker.  (Doubleclick enlarges.)

To see a foto of Stena Antarctica moving oil through the ice, click here and scroll.  See how a Stena fleetsibling, Poseidon, and Kafka get linked in a post from over two years ago.

Australian Spirit, far-off and all ashimmer in the cold.

Bravery Ace, delivering cars to a someday (?) car-free Manhattan?

A single-hull 1934 oil ship . . .  Kristin Poling, nears a turn in its road.

Jurkalne at anchor.

AKR310 USNS Sisler with its new black paint in GMD Bayonne.

And finally, crossing in the KVK, Euro Spirit and HanJin Chittagong.

Most exciting of all . . . Alice is back in town!  Anyone get a foto of her?

All fotos, unless otherwise attributed, by Will Van Dorp.  Be sure to read the Golden Seas story linked above and written by Robert of Oil-Electric.  Here’s the canola story.

And –just confirmed– see you in Charleston for New Years!!  I can’t wait to gallivant.

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