Thanks for these fotos to Dave Williams, who took them in Burlington, VT.  I dedicate these to all the birds who will lose their heads this week.

Raymond C Pecor Jr launched from the ways of Eastern Shipbuilding in Panama City, FL and made the journey northward to Lake Champlain.  Only problem:  the wheelhouse of this (non-orange) car ferry needed to be removed to clear a low bridge north of Waterford.  

Dave caught these pics as the wheelhouse

was being reattached.    Raymond C Pecor had another problem:  see what happens when slippery new hull paint hits the water at launch on this YouTube video.

I don’t know if any of my confederates caught Pecor traveling northbound through the sixth boro and up the Hudson, but I missed it.  Now, you can see the LCT 216-car ferry up on Lake Champlain.

Dave was previously behind the scenes on my “safe travel with your house” post.    Thanks, Dave.

On the left, check out the info for the 2010 Waterfront Conference happening in about 10 days in Lower Manhattan.

Unrelated:  You’ve probably seen the video of a ship being decapitated by a bridge lowering over the Welland Canal, but if not . . . watch this in horror.