What’s this?

Many thanks to Michael Torres–Brooklynite transplanted to San Diego–for these fotos of Carnival Splendor returning safely to port yesterday.   The job is escorted into port here by WHEC-722 USCGC Morgenthau.

As it customary . . .  as news of the fire and disabling of the cruise vessel was disseminated, all mention of the rescuing tugs used the generic:  tug, tugs.

So here are some names:  far to near here Harley Marine’s Millennium Dawn and Crowley’s Spartan.

Here are the same, along with Saturn and  Ernest Campbell.

I’m guessing the ones portside are Chihuhua and  Saturn.

So here’s a slightly different version of that lead foto:  SMBC Monterrey, launched in Valencia, Spain a year and a half ago.   SMBC expands to “Servicios Maritimos de Baja California.”

Many thanks to Michael Torres and Mage Bailey.    And thankful for a safe return to port for all.

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