Out-of-town friends this weekend saw how busy the KVK could be:  40 minutes elapses between the earliest foto here and the last. Kimberly Turecamo and Laura K. Moran

assisted Torm Tevere to IMTT, then rotated her, and

pinned her to the dock.

Not long thereafter, Stadt Gera floated in, very light, quite high in the water and escorted by Margaret Moran.

Preceding all this (the fotos are not in chronological order), Ellen and Charles D. McAllister rotated Gulf Pearl and

moved her a half mile east, and then pinned

her to the dock.  Hmm . . .  I’m curious about what appears to be an old crewboat . . . . named Glen Cove passing.  Anyone know the story?

Out-of-town friends were quite impressed by the sixth boro and its traffic, the good kind.

All fotos here by Will Van Dorp.