Folks come into the boros–all six of them–from the corners and curves of the earth, and imagine this:  locals come out and greet them, wave signs,  and music of

all sort sounds resonates and echoes outward to

welcome the arrivals, those running

the ship . . . who may have no free time to stay a while.  Well, we might wish those marathoners of the high seas get the same welcome as runners.

There’s only time for a quick look-around as cargoes get shifted  about, and then

…it’s back on the way.  Stadt Gera cruised into the boro on Saturday midafternon, and by midafternoon Sunday, she was

already eastbound, out southeast of Montauk.

Oh, the joys and (alas!) deprivations of marathoning on the high seas, the course of seafarers everywhere.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Hurray to Edison Pena, and all the others.

Anyone know how many countries were represented in the marathon?  Anyone know how many countries are represented in shipping entering the harbor?