Ridley, a RIB, and a Monk 36 at the Narrows.  Interestingly, last Sunday night this same Monk 36 tied up in Amsterdam, NY, headed east and then south.

At the same moment, APL Sardonyx follows the Ambrose Channel outbound.

Eagle Atlanta crew test the fire hoses.

Glen Cove waits south of the Statue with more Megrant equipment.

Charles D. McAllister spins the bow of Gulf Pearl for a short jaunt to the east in the KVK.

A RIB compares orange with Torm Tevere, and

and with Michele Jean, sporting a fresh coat of orange . . . and a port of registry painted on its stern.  Kimberly Turecamo assists, along with

Laura K. Moran, here about to disappear behind Stadt Gera.

And finally, is the boom boat here carrying the dock line ashore?

All fotos taken today by Will Van Dorp, who did Two Hours of the Hudson 3 here a quarter year ago.