Right in time for Columbus Day . . .a gallivant has beckoned.  Back soon …

and . . . Zhen He (1994 launched in China) came into the boro escorted by Gramma Lee T (unpictured ). . . but you’ve seen the venerable Gramma Lee T at least a hundred times here.   Click here to see the explorer Zhen(g) He’s mothership juxtaposed with Santa Maria.  Also, in the background off Zhen He‘s bow, that’s Sea Raven, who’s been docked at GMD for quite a while.  Zheng He discovered America, along with whole other bunches of mariners?

James Turecamo assists Pati R Moran and barge Charleston into the KVK.  James launched from Matton in Cohoes, NY  in 1969.  See the end of this post.

Comet pushes  Eva Leigh Cutler toward the Buttermilk, meeting Houma.  Comet launched in 1977 as Clarion, then became Gil Hebert, then Gulf Comet.

Marjorie B. McAllister, (ex-Exxon Ocean State, 1974) holds house and neck above it all.

Curtis Reinauer , launched in 1979 as Delaware, can be yours today for a mere $2.2 m . . ..  She’s the second vessel to work as Curtis Reinauer.

Specialist II was high and dry here a year back.

Ellen S. Bouchard … one of three Bouchards vessels launched at Halter Marine in Louisiana in 1982.

John Reinauer … also launched in Louisiana but in 1969 and has previously worked as Esso Crystal River and Exxon Crystal River.

McAllister Girls (ex-Challenger and Betty Jean Turecamo, 1969)  pushes a scow of harbor bottom.

Sea Wolf (1982, ex-Danny Paul)  moves an unusual load.

L W Caddell, locally built and 20 years old works out of its place of construction.

Referring back to the James Turecamo foto above, this is a view of Matton Shipyard in Cohoes as seen less than a month ago.  Beyond the barbed wire and buildings is the Hudson.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  It’s catching me, slowly but powerfully, the tumblr graphicblog called “Adventures of the Blackgang” produced by Monkeyfist, who also does exquisite work with Maritime  Monday.  And now it’s on my blogroll.  Check it out, often.