If you were leisurely drifting down the river on your air mattress and you saw this, how concerned might you be?  (Doubleclick enlarges.)

But that just wouldn’t happen.  Better to see this sight from an even faster boat.  What’s this?  It’s the race, and again, thanks to Captain Matt Perricone of Cornell, I enjoyed an upper deck view of my favorite Labor Day event.  And without much ado or text or research, here are some fotos.

To see the mighty Atlantic Salvor bearing down on you with all its momentum …

humbles and inspires awe.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  As the hour approaches, vessels parade north to the starting line, where they

fan out and turn to await the signal.

Blue dominated among the vessels around us, blue the same color as the smoke.

And afterward, the pushing contests began.  Some vessels were fairly even-matched whereas

Others seemed so mismatched almost to require the service

of stunt drivers.

Of course there were winners, and I might get around to announcing some of those, but on a day like this, everyone, spectators included, are winners.  Equipment gets dragged back to the yards.

All fotos taken by will Van Dorp.

Vessels included (in no particular order … and correct me if I missed one) Cornell, Atlantic Salvor, Bronx, Mary H, Maurania III, W. O. Decker, Vulcan III, Sea Wolf, Cheyenne, Meagan Ann, Catherine, Susan, and Shawn Miller.  Viking took part in the pushing contests but not the race.  More fotos tomorrow.