Picked clean and bleached terrapin shell?  Carapace of hermit crab?  A remnant of human armor?  A  vessel?

In May here and here I reported on a trip I took with frogma to Arthur Kill’s graveyard of ships. According to recent rumblings in the newspaper here, the ferry Astoria in that second link has mostly been cut up as “eyesores.”  Uh . . . would a visit to an optometrist help?

This morning I felt restored after visiting another  graveyard, this one in Brooklyn, in

(see the parachute jump on extreme left)  the Straits of Coney.  I’d love to know what this metal and

this wood once traveled as.  Where was it built?  What cargoes and which crews?

Thanks to a fearless crabber named Mariano I got these shots.

In August I hope to continue this trip through the Strait of Coney to visit Quester 1 aka Coney Island’s increasingly rusty-yellow sub, a golden dreammachine to salvage treasure off the Andrea Doria gone cold.  “Dreams gone bust; the rest is history rust.”  See fotos from a “tide and current taxi” trip here.

Less than 10 miles to the east, in Queens just south of JFK Airport, here’s another shot of the mystery vessel I took fotos at the start of this gallivant month.  Anyone know what lies on the west side of Sommerville Basin here?

Not a wreck at all, but you may feel the heat emanating from the foto below:  Manhattan around 7 am this morning, Manhattan in a heat wave, making a wreck of energy conservation efforts.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Somewhat related:  A ship was found in Lower Manhattan last week.