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From the distance created by space or by economic analyses, these are big colorful machines … or … assets.   And they are, but

look closer and you’ll see people at work high up and

in between and

in baskets and

sometimes re-appropriating these machines for fun.  People

earn their livings with

their skill at using these

machines, these

assets.  It’s about earning a living.

Hats off.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

In fotos 1 and 3, the numerous yellow cranes are mounted on two Seaboard Marine vessels:  Vega Nikolas (shuttling between Brooklyn and some big Caribbean islands ) and Westerkade (between Brooklyn and Colombia).  The barge there is Double Skin 34 pushed by Sassafras.  Foto 4 shows repairwork on Lombok Strait (shuttling between Central America and the US East Coast with fruit that might include banana, pineapple, cantaloupe, and plantains.  Other tugs shown are, in order:  Petersburg, Ocean King, Jennifer Turecamo, Odin, and Robert IV.

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