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Welcome home, schooner Anne and Reid Stowe.  (Doubleclick enlarges the fotos.)  Quoth my favorite talking pigeon upon seeing these fotos:  “Na dat fella Reid him make too much gallivant long one.”  Mermaids and seamasters and dolphins and fish armies have decorated the hull nicely, adding outlandish

designs.  Reid waved as excitedly as he did 1152 days ago.   Click that link for NYTimes video and article from yesterday.

A lively breeze  was like music for the weathered schooner, inviting it to dance spritely once more before kissing a dock.

Well-seasoned athletes, these hermits in from over the wet curvature of the earth, maybe over almost everyone’s horizon.

From my vantage, they tacked all the way in;  after all, what other way is there to

return if you’ve moved on the waves and wind so long as well as added so many patches sail upgrades.

And the New York, the sixth boro he returns to has signs about an . . .  air race?!!?  Air race signs in the harbor?  That would be more than enough to befuddle someone even returning from a proverbial  three-hour tour.

And my conveyance, a 125-year-old schooner that raced on the waves at 8.4 knots,

heeling over, scudding before the wind, drinking deeply through the scuppers . . .  well, I’ll post about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, come to Pier 66 for the party on Sunday night.

Here’s the AP story.  Here and here are posts I did on the interior of Anne three + years ago.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated but very exciting:  NYHarbor Shipping!! Check it out and leave a comment.

And more from the NYTimes: where NYC families learn to sail . . . on the sixth boro of course.

April 22 2007 . . . schooner Anne heads out for

a very long time.  Goal:  to sail without landfall for 1000 days.    I took this foto several miles outside the Narrows, one of my last of Reid, Soanya, and Anne bound for sea, and I was nervous for them.  Today . . .

Anne returns.  Capt. Mike has already seen the schooner and posted about it here.

More later.

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