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Before these views of the bridge at Bayonne, two quick reminders:  1) the drum calls to the big parade less than a handful days away, and 2) the voting for caption contest #2 takes just a few seconds.  Do it, please.

A half year ago, you saw views of Outerbridge;   what unifies these fotos is the most beautiful bridge over the sixth boro that now threatens to stifle the sixth boro as well as the other five.  When the Bayonne opened in 1931, it set the mark as the longest steel arch bridge in the world.  Similarly, the foto below (looking to the southwest from central Brookln, over Red Hook, and toward the Bayonne)  was taken from 44 Court Street in Brooklyn, which in 1901 was the tallest building in Brooklyn.   Certainly, it’s a most enviable view of the sixth boro I’ve seen in a while.

I have a request at the end of this post.

Supply vessel Sorensen Miller distances itself from the Bridge on a foggy May day.

Falcon leaves it behind as it enters the Buttermilk Channel.

Shannon Dann heads farther southwest of it.

Patriot Service pushes a fuel barge toward it for refill.

Scott Turecamo, locked 60 feet into the notch of fuel barge New Hampshire, uses its 5100 hp to drive the unit toward the Bridge.  To the left is Cape Cod, which first appeared here two and a half years ago.

A light and curvaceous Timothy L. Reinauer steams toward the yard on this side of the Bridge.

Help me out here:  an unidentified tug (a Great Lakes Dredge & Dock boat?)  pushes a scow (with Boston registry?)  toward the KVK beyond the Bridge.  Foto taken in 2008.

From the same Elizabeth (NJ) perspective, unidentified tug and tanker collaborate so that one may head for sea.

Bayonne, the Bridge too low for the future . . .  what will it look like in 10 years?

My request:  send me your views of the Bayonne Bridge, the more unusual, the better.  I’m proudest of the second shot above, as the tower of 44 Court is a special place.  Send me your unusual shots and we’ll reprise this topic.

All fotos here by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated but very notable:  Check out this memorial post for the first CGC Escanaba, which made the supreme sacrifice 67 years ago last weekend.

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