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In case you didn’t vote for your favorite caption (I added a poll late in the day yesterday.) please go back to Followup #1 and cast your vote.

Also, thanks to Harold Tartell, here’s some “followup” info on Followup #2’s Canadian newsprint carriers:    “Three boats I have remembered their names to this day very well:  DONPACO, G D D, & G T D.  After doing some research this morning, I came across two more that I saw quite often, but had forgotten their names.  They were A C D and NEWSCARRIER.  All five were built in the 1930s. These boats were owned by Quebec Paper Sales & Transportation, Ltd.  During the canal season months, they would make at least two or three trips a week with newsprint for most of the New York City area newspapers.

Their trip to New York would begin in Quebec, down through the Chambly Canal which is part of the Richelieu River into Lake Champlain.  From Lake Champlain, they would traverse the Champlain or Northern Canal down to Waterford.”

Harold also sent some links that I wil explore after this week.

We’ve surfed QE2’s wake;  now let’s see if one could surf Linda Moran.

Some of you will not be pleased to see these, but here they are:  river surfing and tanker surfing.  I’m just the messenger.

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