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If you’ve forgotten the context of the caption contest, click here.   For another look at the misplaced boat, here it is.

Contributors:  you’re all winners.  I like love all the suggestions I’ve received.  You can vote below at end of post.

From Buck:  ‘The GPS said this was the fastest route!’

From Les:  “A moment of soaring with the eagles led to an eternity of humiliation under the cormorants”

From JP:  “Winner of the 2010 speedboat hide and seek competition is announced.”

From bowsprite:  “No, I did NOT forget where I docked, I just don’t remember the name of the island.”

From Elizabeth:  “Strip ‘er fast, boys. The next one’ll be along in no time!”     or

“Too short!  Throw it back.”    or

“Man!  Another !@#@!!  Bayliner.  I was hoping we’d get a Sea Ray.”

From me:  “But I already rented this slip for the summer from the same guy who had a great bridge for sale.”

Until June 13, I’ll be “engaged” in remote Brooklyn, so each day all that can go up is one foto and a minimal caption of my own.  I’d love your comments.

Nothing better than  a summer’s day of New York boys hanging with the Turecamo girls?

More seriously, I’m spending my week in Brooklyn doing a workshop called Along the Shore:  Changing and Preserving the Landmarks of Brooklyn’s Industrial Waterfront, including some gunkholing all the way from Newtown Creek to Coney Island.  I’ll tell you about it when I’m back.

The rest of this week . . . minimal fotos ( one pic o day) and text, some might be funny and others not.  Send captions if you wish.

Unrelated but . .  if you’re looking for a definitive history of doryfishing, click here.  Thanks to Capt. Joey.

Some unescapable thoughts on the gusher . . .    from New Wars (for fun) and from the NYTimes OP-Ed

Now you get to vote:

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