You’ve seen the boxcars with graffitti all over them like kudzu.  Same thing with urban box trucks and walls or any flat surface, along riverbanks (like fotos 3 and 4 here) and inland.  Graffitti-less, ships and boats wear their unique scuff marks and squiggles, but recently  Miriam Moran

has this ochre splotches all along her starboard and port and


Ditto Catherine Turecamo . . . check out the stack that’s usually Moran trademark black.

A change in fleet paint scheme?

Even Gramma Lee T. Moran, whose stack a few weeks ago had lost its glossy black surface to the scuffers, and the white “M” here . . . she’s either primered up or fallen victim to a contagious metal condition.

Seriously, it appears something is triggering a lot of repainting and up-spiffing of the Moran boats in the sixth boro.  Has anyone noticed this in other harbors?  Might be some big event in the offing?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  The top two were taken yesterday morning in the rain.