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When I headed out this morning, blues as I had written about them here a quarter year ago had no place in my consciousness but tell me this:  were my eyes malfunctioning or is this not the most disarming set of blues ever painted onto a ship?  These blues set off Laura K. Moran‘s pure beet red.  And, as if that were not enough, a second

blue ship, different hue,  came along too, tailed by Margaret Moran.

Minerva tankers are typically black with the owl logo, unlike Minerva Joanna.   That’s Patapsco in the distance.

Aegir (436′ x 64′) is junior as container ships go, but check out the top of her load.

In from Sweden, maybe that’s where Joanna grew her disarming blues,

It’s a Caterpillar D6R.  Do we import these now?

Those blues really set off the colors and angles on Laura K.

Doesn’t Richmond Terrace here seem tropical?

What outatowner would imagine the shore off to the left of the foto lies within the confines of New York City?   Catch the Staten Island end of the Bayonne Bridge (my logo) off to the right side of the foto.

Is that port of registry this St. John’s?  Or this one?  Notice the confabulation on the stern portside?

Partner tug to Laura K. is Miriam, of course.  Oh, and it’s Tzoanna.

All fotos taken by Will Van Dorp, who was in a very good mood, in case you wonder.  Click here for squidoo’s thoughts on associations with the color blue, green red, orange . . .

Check out NYC:The Blog here.

See what Rotterdammer Fred Vloo and I have in common here, as pointed out by Rick “Old Salt.”  Thanks, Rick.

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