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Niz C. Gisclair, (2003, 66′ loa) an infrequent visitor to the sixth boro, last appeared here in this blog in 2007.  Some buildings to identify:  one with greenish pyramid cap just to the left of the Statue  has the pretentious name of One Worldwide Plaza and the towers to the left of that is the Times Warner Center.

Marquette Transportation Company Offshore uses Jacques Marquette in a canoe as a stack logo.    Note the knotted rope ladder manrope aka monkey line for egress from the wheelhouse.  (Jed–thanks fer the correction.)

Similarly, I don’t recall seeing Colleen McAllister, solo, here in a long time.

Here Colleen meets Gramma Lee T. Moran, about to back down Rigel.

Dorothy J, ex-Angela M, 1982, about the same loa as Niz C,

shows off the Henry Marine logo.

Falcon heads up the East River.  More East River architecture tomorrow, once I figure out some the lesser-known buildings.

Ross Sea in morning honeyed 7 am light heads for an assist.

Stephanie Dann wrestles with a scow in a 25 mph cross wind.

Sassafras hangs off the bulkhead at Howland Hook.

Virtual twins . . . Elk River brings bunker barge beside Zim Moskva with assist from Sassafras after

Sassafras is mystified by the runabout aka runaround.

Shannon Dann heads into the Arthur Kill to hang off the “dock” in Elizabeth until

the next job.  I like the clean white  winch.

All fotos this week by Will Van Dorp.

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