I missed the cinco already . . .  so this  seis will finish up the the graveyard report of the trip of the segundo to the barcas muertas (?).  Indulge a foto of tugster aka the floater here,  feeling very light.  You could say . . . a lightweight, a light-hearted one, buoyed by the unbearable lightness of being, even.  Actually, the water temperature requires the wetsuit even though the air temperature was in the 80s, making a periodic “float” refreshing.  Cape Tallin exchanges fluids over on the Jersey shore.

Behold the other merry paddlers.

Sebago, on Paerdegat Basin, in Brooklyn

repurposes these shipping containers as colorful kayak storage.

Here’s the liverymobile.

Another highlight of the trip was seeing ABC-1, seen here in a post from 2008,  high and dry.

Here’s a full frontal of an NYPD launch, with New York Central No. 13 in the background.

Parting shot:  the 1930 W. O. Decker awaits . .  a haul?  Craves, maybe a light-headedness?  Needs, perhaps a shave and a waxing?  What I noticed was that headed past the graveyard, Decker stayed way on the opposite side of the Kill.  Probably she was thinking: “and I alone have escaped to tell …[of sixth boro life in the 1930s and 1940s].”

First foto by frogma;  all others by Will Van Dorp.